Established in 1991, used to be the subsidiary of J.D. Group (Tranz X). In 1994 the unique kickstand CD-91 born, which is able to adjust leg from 26" to 28" easily, was developed and led the trend around world. In 2006, our company C.D. Component Co., Ltd are independent from J.D. Group and establish our own brand OSTAND. With over 25 years experience, you can trust in C.D. experience and quality.


Our Product

C.D. main products are a range of bike accessories: KICKSTAND, CARRIER,BOTTLE CAGE, BELL and bike-related accessories. All the products are made in Taiwan. For our Kickstand & Carrier, we used aluminium as our material to decrease the weight burden for the users. Researching and developing multifunction, and well-thought design products are the top missions to C.D. and we will keep high quality products to serve our clients.